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Astra Make-up

Italian-based Astra Make-up approached Salt & Pepper to develop and re-launch their brand. We created an award-winning brand strategy and a multi-touchpoint visual identity throughout the brand. We developed and repositioned the brand, highlighting the connection between fashion design and traditional make-up perceptions.

Astra Makeup required a significant rebrand and positioning to move their brand and company into a more contemporary space – flexible enough to work in the digital world but strong enough to serve the business.

The brand features a full range of products that include foundations, concealers, loose powders, blushes, lipsticks, mascaras, and accessories. Salt & Pepper developed the brand’s positioning, storytelling, visual identity, custom font design, website, packaging, advertising campaigns, and TV adverts.

Working with the international fashion photographer Susi Belianska, the new identity brings greater clarity and consistency to the brand, creating a solid visual impact given by the photographic images that highlight the texture and color range of the products.

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Shooting Astra Susi Belianska | Salt & Pepper
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The rebranding process allowed the company to increase its brand value and expand rapidly into both traditional and new markets. Whenever we work with our clients, we ensure that every new brand we create is founded on a brand idea. And for Astra Make-up, ours was rooted in the idea that everything they make is a personal experience. A single unifying philosophy that puts the brand at the heart of the business and enables people to enjoy and identify with it.