Locanda della Posta

La Locanda della Posta è un Hotel storico situato nel cuore di Perugia, che vanta un passato da locanda iniziato a metà del ‘700. Il rinnovato Boutique Hotel ha chiesto a Salt & Pepper di ideare, per la riapertura, un brand di lusso creando un logo che mantenesse la sua identità storica legata al simbolo della posta, luogo di stallo dal quale partivano le diligenze per portare persone e cose.



The launch of the boutique hotel was a moment of profound innovation, where branding played a pivotal role in delivering an exclusive and unforgettable guest experience. This branding effort was a testament to the hotel’s commitment to crafting a distinctive brand identity through the art of graphic design.

The innovative approach to branding and graphic design set the hotel apart as a unique and memorable destination. Every element, from the logo to the website, was meticulously crafted to reflect the brand’s essence and values. It communicated that staying at the boutique hotel was not just about accommodation; it was an immersive journey into a carefully curated world of luxury and comfort.

This brand identity, steeped in innovation and enhanced by graphic design, ensured that every guest felt the exclusivity of their experience. It created a lasting impression and a deep connection with the hotel’s ethos, making it a destination for travelers seeking an exceptional and bespoke experience.

In essence, the boutique hotel’s branding was a masterful fusion of innovation, brand identity, and graphic design. It paved the way for an exclusive experience that set new standards in the industry, making the hotel a prime example of how branding can elevate guest experiences and create a lasting legacy in the world of hospitality.