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Holiday è un marchio italiano di prodotti per l’epilazione che per la sua linea Elastique Hypoallergenic Brazilian Waxing si è affidato a Salt & Pepper per la promozione del proprio marchio. Salt & Pepper ha sviluppato un riposizionamento del brand attraverso la creazione di immagini di forte impatto visivo utilizzate nei social e nella corporate brochure.

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The modern and contemporary rebranding initiative undertaken by Holiday has not only brought a fresh and dynamic perspective to their brand but has also been a driving force behind the expansion into both traditional and international markets. This strategic transformation has been a catalyst for enhancing the brand’s value and positioning.

This rebranding breathed new life into Holiday’s brand identity, making it more appealing and relevant to a broader audience. The updated visual elements and messaging communicate a sense of innovation, reliability, and adaptability. As a result, the brand’s value has surged, attracting the attention of both domestic and global markets.

In conclusion, the modern and contemporary rebranding of Holiday has been instrumental in elevating the brand’s value, enabling its successful expansion into both traditional and international markets. The brand’s renewed identity positions it as a forward-looking and innovative player, resonating with a diverse clientele.