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S6 Fonts

S6 Foundry stands as our independent digital type foundry, dedicated to crafting retail typefaces for versatile use in both digital and print applications, specializing in typeface and font design. Our core ethos is founded on innovation, brand identity, and graphic design. We create fonts that are by designers, for designers, and our projects span a broad spectrum, from custom letterings to comprehensive visual identities.

Our Foundry’s mission is centered on redefining the standards of font design for contemporary designers. In an ever-evolving design landscape, we are committed to producing original typefaces that not only meet but also anticipate the unique challenges faced by today’s creative professionals. Our focus extends to crafting high-quality fonts that are not only visually stunning but also serve to enhance your designs in diverse contexts.

Each of our retail fonts has been meticulously designed to serve as a powerful and distinct tool for brands and individuals alike. Our approach is a fusion of historical knowledge and a solid contemporary perspective. We understand that fonts play a pivotal role in shaping a brand’s identity, and our fonts are engineered to align with your brand’s unique values and aspirations.

Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to typography, we offer a personalized dimension to our services. We provide custom typeface design and bespoke wordmarks tailored to your brand’s needs. With a custom font, you gain the flexibility and precision that off-the-shelf typefaces often cannot deliver. This personalized approach is an emblem of our commitment to innovation and dedication to helping brands build a distinctive and authentic visual identity.

S6 Foundry fonts are available from our represented suppliers:



T26 Fonts



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Florid web
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