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MorettiCompact, one of the top Italian children’s bedroom companies founded in 1960, approached Salt & Pepper to identify and refocus the brand identity and essence of their business to lead a bolder, more ambitious organization.

A collaborative research process conducted within the industry yielded a new brand positioning focused on defining the future of the bedroom. Key messaging was further developed, emphasizing MorettiCompact’s mission as an organization that creates experiences for children and young adults throughout their lives. Salt & Pepper reinforced this optimistic, collaborative message in MorettiCompact’s new visual identity and new branding, creating communication for print, digital, and TV advertising.

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The process of rebranding, driven by innovative strategic graphic design, became a transformative journey for the company, significantly amplifying its brand worth and facilitating its swift expansion into well-established and emerging markets. For MorettiCompact, the heart of our graphic design concept was rooted in the idea that everything they create embodies a trusted experience and product.

The strategic fusion of innovation and graphic design in the rebranding process elevated the company’s brand identity, making it more appealing and relevant in the ever-evolving market landscape. The innovative elements breathed new life into the brand, setting it apart as a forward-thinking and dynamic entity.

The graphic design concept, carefully crafted, became the visual language that communicated MorettiCompact’s commitment to quality and trustworthiness. It served as a bridge between the brand and its audience, conveying a sense of reliability and assurance in every product and experience offered.

In summary, the rebranding journey, marked by innovation and thoughtful graphic design, not only bolstered the company’s brand worth but also laid the foundation for its expansion into diverse markets. MorettiCompact’s commitment to delivering trusted experiences and products was communicated with clarity and sophistication, making it a prominent figure in established and emerging markets. This seamless fusion of innovation, brand identity, and graphic design played a crucial role in the company’s journey to success.