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Luce book


Salt & Pepper embarked on a year-long journey to craft the book’s identity, describing the process as ‘dialogic’ and emphasizing the importance of editorial design. This approach allowed the studio to finely tailor and functionalize Luce’s identity through the progressive evolution of designs.

The Regione Umbria engaged Salt & Pepper to discern, realign, and craft an editorial product that would enhance and reinvigorate the public’s positive perception of the Region. This collaborative endeavor involved extensive consultations with the local government, photographers, and journalists responsible for developing the narrative.

Salt & Pepper employed visual storytelling techniques, uniting captivating photographs with two specially crafted typefaces that mirrored the flow and structure of travel throughout the Region. The resulting graphical output emerged from the interplay between these robust conceptual foundations and playful experimentation, transgressing self-imposed constraints to bolster the design aesthetics.

Luce book
Luce book


The book’s exceptional quality was underscored by its shortlisting for the Compass D’Oro 2020 and inclusion in the prestigious ADI design index. For the regional government, this achievement broadened its reach and ushered in a new era of branding for governmental bodies in Italy.


ADI design Index 2019

Short-listed Premio Compasso d’Oro 2020

Gold – Novum Design Award 2019

Sustainable Design Of The Year – Novum Design Award 2019

Bronze – A’ Design Award & Competition 2019