Ceramica in umbria

Ceramica Made in Umbria
The brief was to design a brand identity, which would be recognizably part of the Regione Umbria but would still stand out from within the main brand as a playful bright spot. It had to appeal to both the consumer and the various stakeholders involved in the project. Designed to highlight production of ceramics in the Regione and there various capability S&P designed a brand identity based around a bespoke typeface and stylistic photography. We were tasked with developing a visual language that was used digitally and in print design. This visual language was developed, including a word mark, type, composition system, and a graphic language of textures and colours that reflect the highly tactile and sensual nature of the Ceramica in Umbria experience.

ADI design Index 2015
Short-listed Premio Compasso d’Oro 2016
Ceramica 940x580
Four tailormade fonts were designed for the book