Ceramica in umbria

Ceramica Made in Umbria

Salt & Pepper was approached to create and manage the branding system to promote the regional expertise of ceramic design and creation.

The project had to appeal to both the consumer and the various stakeholders (local government, designers, and local producers) involved in the project. Designed to highlight the production of ceramics in the Regione and their multiple capabilities, Salt & Pepper created a brand identity based on a bespoke typeface and stylistic photography.

Ceramica 940x580


Given the challenge of crafting a versatile visual language applicable in both digital online platforms and a dedicated native application, as well as in traditional print communication and exhibitions, the creative process necessitated a unique blend of innovation and a strong brand identity. This multifaceted visual language was meticulously developed, encompassing essential elements such as a distinctive word mark, custom typefaces, a flexible composition system, and a graphic palette featuring textures and colors. These design components not only cohesively represented the Ceramica in Umbria brand identity but also epitomized innovation by seamlessly bridging the tactile and sensory essence of the Ceramica in Umbria experience with the digital and print realms.

The brand’s innovative approach to design, characterized by its bold word mark and custom typefaces, ensured that its identity was easily recognizable and consistent across all touchpoints. The composition system, meticulously structured, brought harmony and unity to all forms of communication, preserving the brand’s integrity while allowing flexibility for various applications. The creative use of textures and colors further enriched the brand’s identity by translating the tactile and sensory qualities of Ceramica in Umbria into the visual language, making it not only eye-catching but also evocative.

In conclusion, the development of this multifaceted visual language was a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and a strong brand identity. It successfully bridged the gap between the digital and physical worlds, allowing the Ceramica in Umbria experience to be conveyed with elegance and consistency, reinforcing the brand’s unique position and ensuring a lasting impact across different mediums and platforms.


ADI design Index 2015

Short-listed Premio Compasso d’Oro 2016