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Top Notch

Italian-based Top Notch professional nails approached Salt & Pepper to develop and launch a new brand to a specific targeted market. We created a brand strategy and a multi-touchpoint visual identity throughout the brand, positioning the brand and creating nail fashion design targeting a professional and consumer market.

Salt & Pepper designed the communication through a series of fashion imagery with a strong visual impact, digital, packaging, and 3D animation sequences.


Through an intensive and collaborative consultation process, the brand not only developed rapidly but also reaffirmed its distinctive brand identity and commitment to innovation. This journey was marked by meticulous attention to graphic design, pivotal in shaping the brand’s visual expression.

The close consultation facilitated a deep understanding of the brand’s core values and unique market positioning. It allowed for aligning the brand’s identity with its target audience’s evolving needs and preferences, resulting in a brand that resonated strongly with the market.

Incorporating design elements, the brand’s visual language became an emblem of innovation. It conveyed the brand’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach, positioning it as a dynamic player in its industry. The design not only made the brand aesthetically pleasing but also communicated its brand values effectively.

In summary, the brand’s swift development was not just a process of growth but a journey that celebrated innovation, upheld its brand identity, and utilized graphic design to craft a compelling narrative. It reinforced the brand’s presence in the market, making it a relevant and resonant force, well-prepared to meet the ever-changing demands of its audience.